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One of the best days of my life in Gouda

It was the first Sunday in June: Whit Sunday June 5, 2022. Although we were in the early summer it was a very cold and rainy day. On this day a bike tour was planned by COA for us living on the “hotelboot” at Ruige Weteringpad. Four of our friends got up early in the morning and took breakfast. Then we completed our bike and clothing preparations. Now we were ready for a 25 km bike tour around Gouda.

So much water

Before we set off, we studied the map to get to know the track. Then we went to the bike park to take our bikes. After having a little chat with a few cyclists from different countries at the registration desk, we started our tour. The plan was to reach four separate points and come back to the starting point. We had a fun start with our friends and other cyclists. We cycled along the edge of the “Gouwekanaal”. It took us some time to cross the channel and after a little confusion we were able to get on the bridge and face each other. It didn't rain until we reached the first point, but when we got the first seal, the rain started. We reached the second destination by advancing on a beautiful road that we had never seen before. A group of about 20 cyclists had arrived before us and they started to applaud loudly to motivate us, this made us very happy.

And more water

While cycling through the “Reeuwijkse Plassen”, we talked about other places we wanted to visit and about the culture of cycling in the Netherlands. The Reeuwijkse Plassen was a beautiful sight to behold, so we decided to enjoy this and to proceed slowly. As we went ahead, the rain increased, so I became difficult to find our way out. When we reached the third point, Goudsasfalt, we were completely soaked. After taking the third seal, we immediately continued our way. My energy decreased as the tour progressed, but we finally reached our destination, proceeding from the gardens by the canal. The officers at the destination greeted us with applause.

The reward

Even though this was the first bike tour in my life (we don’t have a culture of cycling in Turkey), I succeeded in finishing the tour with my friends, reached the finish line and got our medals. We spread around with our friends, chatted and took pictures. We said goodbye to my new cycling friends to see them on next bike tour, and I returned to the boat. This was one of the best days of my life in The Netherlands which ended with a medal.