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At a special location in the western part of Gouda, not so far from the center of the city, COA provides sports equipment for us, to exercise in the open and fresh air with friends. We are happy to meet there and do some picnics and sports.

A path is lined with beautiful green grass, wonderful little water channels, the sound of birds, and the endless view of the amazing countryside. Some sports equipment such as a punch bag and some ropes and also a huge truck tire, just simple things, but made the place full of vitality and activity.

Reduce stress

Just going to this rural part a few steps outside the city of Gouda makes you happy and unleashes your imagination in a positive way full of happiness and optimism and keeps you away from negative thinking and sorrows and brings you out of your depression. It is an opportunity for meditation.

The fresh air is suitable for exercise, the body gets rid of all kinds of toxins and helps reduce stress, confusion and anger levels, which effectively contributes to avoiding depression.

A safe haven

Some initiatives and deeds are very small in your consideration, but their impact is very great for some people, and they consider it a haven for them to keep them away from the dark side of their lives: the memory of war, missing friends and relatives and sorrows of the journey to Europe.

So do not underestimate any initiatives or actions because this work may be a safe haven for other people.

Happy to meet Mahmoud

Mahmoud is one of the people who spend a long time in this place and considers it his special place in which he escapes from the stresses of life. He practices his favorite sport of boxing and after practicing his exercises, he sits in the same place to meditate and enjoy the magic of the place.

We had lots of talks and exchanges of views and stories. I am always happy to meet Mahmoud at the place.

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